Summer Skies in Winter

Another shot in July 2011 on Terrigal Beach, NSW, Australia. This time, we’re facing north and looking into the sun. I used a CPL on this shot which helped with providing a nice clear sky, but it also exaggerated the lens flare apparent in the centre of the shot. Photographers don’t usually like lens flare, but in this shot, and given the subject matter I think it adds more that it distracts.

Nonetheless, it hasn’t turned out exactly how I had intended. I was aiming for the people in the foreground to be silhouetted in contrast to the bright sunlight so funnily enough, as much as I like this photo, it’s not exactly what I set out to achieve.

The scene was shot in colour and converted in post, but I had always intended on it being black and white. When shooting for black and white, I always shoot in colour first and convert later because it gives me more control over the final product.


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