Hi, I’m Shannon, and welcome to 35millimetre.com.

This is not the first incarnation of 35millimetre.com, and it’s unlikely to be the last. I originally created the site to be my blog. It was initially somewhat of a hobby and it allowed me to share some of my photography experience and knowledge. I filled the site with pages and pages of articles and information relating to photography, but after only 9 months or so I found that it was getting out of control. It was time for me to wind it all back and think about what I was trying to achieve. Well, to be honest, I still don’t really know where it’s headed. 35millimetre.com is a photography site. That much I know. And whilst the site design has completely changed since it was first published in 2010, the focus on photography has not.

In this latest site design, I’ve decided to initially focus on the photographs themselves. I’ll continue to  post information articles from time to time, but for now, 35millimetre.com is a photo-blog; a portfolio of the shots I love. …and not always because they’re good shots either. Some of them I’ll post simply because there’s a good story behind them or because they remind me of something important to me.

Feel free to leave comments or ratings where applicable.

Thanks for visiting.


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